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July 9-14, 2024 
Lodi Ag Fair
More information coming.  Quilt exhibit, quilt turning and volunteer opportunity will be available approx May 22-June 22, 2024


April - speaker will be at the Quilting Inspirations event

May 6, 2024

June 3, 2024

July 1, 2024

Guild meetings are held at United Methodist Church in Lodi, WI on the first Monday of each month (second Monday if the first is a legal holiday) at 7:00 p.m.  Meetings are open to everyone.  Members come free, non-members may come for free to their first meeting, $3.00 per meeting after that.  At times, there may be a higher fee charged to non-members due to the program, speaker, or event.  ZOOM meetings are for Members only and are held December - February.



January 8, 2024 (virtual) Roxane Lessa  Making Quilting Decisions

February 5, 2024 (virtual)

March 4, 2024 (in person) Marilyn Foreman Quilt Moments/Twister Sisters

April 6, 2024 - Rita P (at Quilting Inspirations event)

May 6, 2024 (in person) 

June 3, 2024 (in person) 




January 2, 2023 (virtual) Jenny Smith: "Liberty of London"

February 6, 2023 (virtual) Christine Barnes: Color Your Quilts (website) "Magic Fabric/Special Effects"

March 6, 2023  (in person) Leah Evans"Combining What We Love: ( Land & Cloth"

April 3, 2023  (in person)  Lisa Binkley: "Continuous Threads"

May 2023 (in person) Jane Sassaman:  "Under The Influence"

June 2023 (in person)  - Color My World Challenge Project Celebration!

July 2023 (in person) Sandy DeSelle of Sandy Creek Quilts in Lodi, what it is like to own a brick and mortar quilt shop.

August 2023 (in person) Sarah Maylath: Checker Distribution

September 2023 (in person) Membership renewal - conversation and fun - show and tell! 

October 2023 (in person) Linda Halpin  Borders on Parade

November 2023 (in person) Marilyn Foreman, Quilt Moments/Twister Sisters (moved to March 2024)

December 2023 (virtual) Lilo Bowman"Love Where You Create: It's not a One Size Fits All Solution" 

January 3rd: Julia McLeod, "Everything but the Cotton"
February 7th: Kena Dorsey, "The Bold & Beautiful - Using Vibrant African Wax Prints"
March 7th: Canceled Due to Weather
April 4th: Jane Sassaman, "Textile Treasure Garden"
May 2nd: Bill and Barb Gover of Thread and Timber, "The T&T Roadshow"

June 6th: Deanna Springer of Nancy Zieman Productions

July 11th:  Phyllis Fay of Stitchin' in the Ditch, "Studio 180 Designs"

July 11th: Phyllis Fay -Phyllis Fay's Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Workshop

August 1st: Mary Schmidt: "Judging Quilts: What a Quilt Judge Sees" 

September12th: Member party/Show & Tell 

October 3rd: Misty Cole: "My Quilting Journey"

November 7th: Kaitlin Esche-Lyon - Quarter Life Leap: The Journey to Quilting 

December 5th (virtual): Dana Jones - Pagtinabangay: The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Coahagen Island


January 4: Birgit Ruotsala, "Accidental Quilter featuring Mandala Designs"

February 1: Teresa Duryea Wong, "American Cotton, Farm to Quilt"

March 1: March Mystery Meeting!

April 5: Ellen Lindner, "Confessions of a Fabric Whisperer"

May 3: Carrie Zizza, "Deep Dive Into Needles, Thread, Batting, and Fabric"

June 7: Patricia Belyea, "The Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Quilts"

July 12: David Owen Hastings, "Minimal Design, Maximum Impact"

August 2: Andi Stanfield, "The True Blue Quilts Lecture: Monochromatic Quilts"

September 13th: Patti Hellenbrand"Have Your Cake and Make it Too"

October 4th: Natalie Santini, "Climbing Expectations and Quilting Stories"

November 1st: Cheryl Schenck, "Bindings, Labels, and Sleeves, Oh My!"

December 6th: Maria Shell, "Patchwork to Artwork - Journey of an Alaskan Quilter"


January 6: Beth Ferrier, "Will you make me a quilt?"

February 3: Joanie Zeier Poole

March 2:  Gudrun Erla

April 6: Maria DeGroot, "Quilting with Precuts"

August 3: Jini MacAdam, "Quilted A.F." (Absolutely Fearlessly)
September 14: Amy Friend, "Intentional Piecing"
October 5: Nina Clotfelter, "THREADS - What's the BIG deal?"
November 2: Gloria Loughman, "Quilted Landscape"
December 7: Susan Carlson, "Collage Quilts"


January 7: Kim Lapacek, "Accidentally on Purpose"

February 4: Natalie Santini, "Just Go For It, No Fear Sewing"

March 4: Jen Carlton Bailly, "Fear, Failure, and Creativity"

April 1:  Catherine Redford, "Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches"

May 6: Nicole Neblett, "Making of a Modern Quilter"

June 3:  Sam Hunter, "The History of Word Quilts"

July 1:  Carol Butzke, quilt appraiser and historian, "Paisley"

August 5: Trish Frankland, "Modern? Or Not?"
September 9: Linda Halpin, "1 x 1: Quilts Using 1" x 1" Half Square Triangles"
October 7: Lori Dickman, "Successful Strategies for Machine Quilting"
November 4: Kipp Inglis, "A Botanical Dyery"
December 2: Member show and tell and mini workshops


January 8 - Chris Lynn Kirsch, "Compass Capers"

February 5 - Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness, "Purses & Totes"

March 5 - Peggy Aare, paper piecing trunk show

April 2 - Amy Milne of the Quilt Alliance

May 7 - Laurie Ceesay of Artsy Chick Quilts, "Portrait Quilts" 

June 4 - Cathy Geier, "Landscape Quilts"  

July 2 - Heidi Parkes, "Mending and Reuse Philosophy"

August 6 - Phyllis Fay, "Rescue My Studio"

September 10: Mickey Mowry, "Quilts With Lots of Tiny Pieces"
October 1:  Ruth Ann Berry, "Bargello"
November 5:  Guild Party!
December 3: Tess Imobersteg, "Zentangle"

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