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July 9-14, 2024 
Lodi Ag Fair
Quilt exhibit/judging, quilt turning and volunteer opportunities are available.  see your email or event page


July 1, 2024 - 

LECTURE & TRUNK SHOW -Title: Fun with Poly & Ester 

August 5, 2024 - 
Lina owen, Talk regarding her Bluebell Designs

September 9, 2024 -
Membership meeting

October 7, 2024 -
more info soon

Guild meetings are held at United Methodist Church in Lodi, WI on the first Monday of each month (second Monday if the first is a legal holiday) at 7:00 p.m.  Meetings are open to everyone.  Members come free, non-members may come for free to their first meeting, $3.00 per meeting after that.  At times, there may be a higher fee charged to non-members due to the program, speaker, or event.  ZOOM meetings are for Members only and are held December - February.



January 8, 2024 (virtual) Roxane Lessa  Making Quilting Decisions

February 5, 2024 (virtual)

March 4, 2024 (in person) Marilyn Foreman Quilt Moments/Twister Sisters

April 6, 2024 - Rita P (at Quilting Inspirations event)

May 6, 2024 (in person) 

June 3, 2024 (in person) 




January 2, 2023 (virtual) Jenny Smith: "Liberty of London"

February 6, 2023 (virtual) Christine Barnes: Color Your Quilts (website) "Magic Fabric/Special Effects"

March 6, 2023  (in person) Leah Evans"Combining What We Love: ( Land & Cloth"

April 3, 2023  (in person)  Lisa Binkley: "Continuous Threads"

May 2023 (in person) Jane Sassaman:  "Under The Influence"

June 2023 (in person)  - Color My World Challenge Project Celebration!

July 2023 (in person) Sandy DeSelle of Sandy Creek Quilts in Lodi, what it is like to own a brick and mortar quilt shop.

August 2023 (in person) Sarah Maylath: Checker Distribution

September 2023 (in person) Membership renewal - conversation and fun - show and tell! 

October 2023 (in person) Linda Halpin  Borders on Parade

November 2023 (in person) Marilyn Foreman, Quilt Moments/Twister Sisters (moved to March 2024)

December 2023 (virtual) Lilo Bowman"Love Where You Create: It's not a One Size Fits All Solution" 

January 3rd: Julia McLeod, "Everything but the Cotton"
February 7th: Kena Dorsey, "The Bold & Beautiful - Using Vibrant African Wax Prints"
March 7th: Canceled Due to Weather
April 4th: Jane Sassaman, "Textile Treasure Garden"
May 2nd: Bill and Barb Gover of Thread and Timber, "The T&T Roadshow"

June 6th: Deanna Springer of Nancy Zieman Productions

July 11th:  Phyllis Fay of Stitchin' in the Ditch, "Studio 180 Designs"

July 11th: Phyllis Fay -Phyllis Fay's Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Workshop

August 1st: Mary Schmidt: "Judging Quilts: What a Quilt Judge Sees" 

September12th: Member party/Show & Tell 

October 3rd: Misty Cole: "My Quilting Journey"

November 7th: Kaitlin Esche-Lyon - Quarter Life Leap: The Journey to Quilting 

December 5th (virtual): Dana Jones - Pagtinabangay: The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Coahagen Island


January 4: Birgit Ruotsala, "Accidental Quilter featuring Mandala Designs"

February 1: Teresa Duryea Wong, "American Cotton, Farm to Quilt"

March 1: March Mystery Meeting!

April 5: Ellen Lindner, "Confessions of a Fabric Whisperer"

May 3: Carrie Zizza, "Deep Dive Into Needles, Thread, Batting, and Fabric"

June 7: Patricia Belyea, "The Alluring World of Japanese Yukata Quilts"

July 12: David Owen Hastings, "Minimal Design, Maximum Impact"

August 2: Andi Stanfield, "The True Blue Quilts Lecture: Monochromatic Quilts"

September 13th: Patti Hellenbrand"Have Your Cake and Make it Too"

October 4th: Natalie Santini, "Climbing Expectations and Quilting Stories"

November 1st: Cheryl Schenck, "Bindings, Labels, and Sleeves, Oh My!"

December 6th: Maria Shell, "Patchwork to Artwork - Journey of an Alaskan Quilter"


January 6: Beth Ferrier, "Will you make me a quilt?"

February 3: Joanie Zeier Poole

March 2:  Gudrun Erla

April 6: Maria DeGroot, "Quilting with Precuts"

August 3: Jini MacAdam, "Quilted A.F." (Absolutely Fearlessly)
September 14: Amy Friend, "Intentional Piecing"
October 5: Nina Clotfelter, "THREADS - What's the BIG deal?"
November 2: Gloria Loughman, "Quilted Landscape"
December 7: Susan Carlson, "Collage Quilts"


January 7: Kim Lapacek, "Accidentally on Purpose"

February 4: Natalie Santini, "Just Go For It, No Fear Sewing"

March 4: Jen Carlton Bailly, "Fear, Failure, and Creativity"

April 1:  Catherine Redford, "Trip Around the World in Folk Art Stitches"

May 6: Nicole Neblett, "Making of a Modern Quilter"

June 3:  Sam Hunter, "The History of Word Quilts"

July 1:  Carol Butzke, quilt appraiser and historian, "Paisley"

August 5: Trish Frankland, "Modern? Or Not?"
September 9: Linda Halpin, "1 x 1: Quilts Using 1" x 1" Half Square Triangles"
October 7: Lori Dickman, "Successful Strategies for Machine Quilting"
November 4: Kipp Inglis, "A Botanical Dyery"
December 2: Member show and tell and mini workshops


January 8 - Chris Lynn Kirsch, "Compass Capers"

February 5 - Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness, "Purses & Totes"

March 5 - Peggy Aare, paper piecing trunk show

April 2 - Amy Milne of the Quilt Alliance

May 7 - Laurie Ceesay of Artsy Chick Quilts, "Portrait Quilts" 

June 4 - Cathy Geier, "Landscape Quilts"  

July 2 - Heidi Parkes, "Mending and Reuse Philosophy"

August 6 - Phyllis Fay, "Rescue My Studio"

September 10: Mickey Mowry, "Quilts With Lots of Tiny Pieces"
October 1:  Ruth Ann Berry, "Bargello"
November 5:  Guild Party!
December 3: Tess Imobersteg, "Zentangle"

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